Weabers is focused on building simple and complex web applications, our experience in this sector allows us to provide our customers with highly available and scalable applications

Build Your Desired Web App With the Best Production Level Strategy. Building a website or developing any online product, it’s important to remember that there is no single best language who can able to achieve desired results.
While developing any project we must have to understand and analyze the project requirement, based on the specific functionality and features you want Though we maintain some general point step by step in each project which makes our production far better.

Once you feel comfortable with the feel we have for your business, we set out to create your strategic plan and site map. In the plan, we establish how your core brand values apply to your online communications through web graphics, features and functionality. We recommend options to enhance your user's experience on the site and to achieve your goals.

Creative Development
Our creative team can assist in the branding and web design process. When you have chosen a look and signed off on the content, we begin processing these pages through our design team.

Production and Testing
Our testers and engineers transforms the graphics and copy to the final interactive product. We create the site for maximum functionality on all user platforms. Before launching the final site, we host it on a demonstration site for your approval, as well as for internal testing on multiple formats and proofing.

Development Using High Techs

Technology changes required a good response from software development companies. Therefore, our team are continually evaluating and adapting new technologies that help to achieve user requirements according to the actual context of the project.

Web Performance Solutions

We provide extensive help to improve websites performance using different analytics and error reporting tools. The development team is involved in planning and execution of such performance reports on different areas such code, design, databases, compatibility with browsers and search engine optimisation (SEO).

Database Intensive Development

Most of our projects requires proper database design and web services using best practices in design and implementation. For example using primary and forging keys, normalisation, capacity and bandwidth optimisation. Further if there is needed more architectural change after testing our developers are able to do it with proper migration skill

E-Commerce Development

The widespread of teachnology in business area explode with the form of ecommerce which is a common buzzword this days. In weabers we develop small, midrange and express level of e-commerce website on demand using proper UX considering the user and technological stack hat is perfect for the performance and the experience.

AI based Chatbot Development

Outstanding entrepreneurs are always on top of the newest trends that offer business opportunities in the form of innovative solutions. You're probably familiar with AI-powered virtual assistants, also known as chatbots, as they've been one of the hottest topics in the marketing world for some time now. For you we will build target based artificial inteliigent based chatbot which will be trained by machine learning

Native Mobile App Development

The use of mobile app is increasing with the enhancement of technology in door to door. To reach out your target or focus we will develop native android or ios app with proper deployment. Our apps are build in Quickly ship features with a focus on native end-user experiences. Layered architecture allows full customization, which results in incredibly fast rendering and expressive and flexible designs.

Plans Designed For Your Flexibility

Advised for regular, small type of development-

Project Based Development Plan 1

- Responsive reusuable coded website
- Project time: 10-15 days
- a free SSL certificate(included)
- upto 15 days of free support.
- Modern stack included
- Backup included(last 1 month app only)
- UI design is not included
- free blog integration
- Good for personal use
- Onpage SEO

starting from
@ only $160/project
Advised for Express level tasks.

Project Based Development Plan 2

- Responsive reusuable coded website
- Project time: 15-90 days
- a premium SSL certificate(included)
- upto 45 days of free support with server monitoring.
- Modern stack included
- UI design is included
- blog integration
- Backup included(last 6 months full cpanel)
- Good for corporate use
- Onpage+Offpage(1month) SEO

Staring from
@ only $650/project
For fixing errors or for small milestone

Hourly Based Development Plan

- Instant Chat Support
- database engineering
- malware cleanup(if needed)
- Blacklist and server health checkup.
- Backup on demand
- Ready for rapid upgrade on hourly protection.
- VPS environment patch.
- Intensive monitoring included on processed task(15 days).
- Backup Included(last 1 month full cpanel)

Staring from
@ only $30/hour

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